Becoming a Sole Practitioner Participant

The following information applies to Physicians who wish to access ClinicalConnect as a Sole Practitioner Health Information Custodian Participant Organization. All other types of healthcare organizations (i.e. Group Practices, Pharmacies, Long Term Care Homes) should click here for information about their application process. 

Background: Sole Practitioners (Physicians) can apply for access to ClinicalConnect as a Sole Practitioner Health Information Custodian Participant Organization. ClinicalConnect provides electronic access to your patients’ health information from all acute care hospitals, regional cancer programs and LHINs’ Home & Community Care Services in south west Ontario.

In addition, physicians who use eHealth Ontario’s ONE® ID credentials as their means to access the ClinicalConnect portal, and have the necessary agreement(s) in place with eHealth Ontario, can be enabled with access to view their patients’ data from the following provincial data repositories:

•    Acute and Community Care Clinical Data Repository (acCDR) consolidates patient data across selected hospitals and all 14 LHIN-HCC services. Learn more here.
•    Diagnostic Imaging Common Service (DI Common Service) provides access to diagnostic images and corresponding reports from hospitals and independent health facilities. Learn more here.
•    Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) includes data and information from Ontario publicly-funded drugs and pharmacy services including Ontario Drug Benefits (ODB), OHIP+, Narcotics Monitoring System (NMS). Learn more here
•    Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) provides access to lab test orders and results from hospitals, community labs and public health labs. Learn more here.

To be eligible to be approved as a Participant in ClinicalConnect, you must be a Health Information Custodian (HIC), and comply with the ClinicalConnect Terms & Conditions. Additional information about ClinicalConnect is available in other parts of this website.

Once approved as a Sole Practitioner HIC Participant, physicians are able to create ClinicalConnect accounts for their office staff. 

Before starting your Participation Agreement to be approved to access ClinicalConnect, it’s strongly recommended you contact your LHIN’s cSWO Program Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner, as they can quickly review the application process to become a Participant Organization in ClinicalConnect, and requirements to be granted access to provincial repositories.

cSWO Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner Team Contact Information

  • Erie St. Clair (LHIN 1): TransForm Shared Service Organization,
  • South West (LHIN 2): South West Region Change Management and Adoption Delivery Partner,
  • Waterloo Wellington (LHIN 3): eHealth Centre of Excellence,
  • Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (LHIN 4): Health Information Technology Services (HITS) eHealth Office at Hamilton Health Sciences,

Click here if you are unsure which LHIN you practice in.

Next Steps When Ready to Apply to Become a Sole Practitioner in ClinicalConnect:

1.    Complete and submit the online Participation Agreement for Sole Practitioners. If you are not sure what information to enter in the Agreement, a Tip Sheet for Sole Practitioners is available by clicking here. You must have a ONE ID credential when applying as a Sole Practitioner Participant, and you'll be asked to enter your ONE ID username in Part 5 of the Agreement

If you don’t already have a ONE ID account:

  • Register online by visiting the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) website.
  • You can also contact your cSWO Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner who can register you for a ONE ID account, plus office staff who you intend to provision access to ClinicalConnect for in the future. 

2.    Your Participation Agreement will be reviewed by the ClinicalConnect Program Office. Assuming requirements thus far are met, physicians will be emailed the Sole Practitioner Attestation to complete. To preview the content of the Attestation, please click here, noting that only the fillable PDF version emailed to you will be accepted as part of your application. 

3.    Your Sole Practitioner Attestation will be reviewed by the ClinicalConnect Program Office. Assuming requirements thus far are met, you will be emailed instructions to complete a short (~20 minute), one-time, Sole Practitioner eLearning module. This eLearning module serves as a reminder of your obligations as a Participant in ClinicalConnect, and provides instructions on how you will be able to use the Access Governance System to create, manage and attest ClinicalConnect accounts for your office staff. 

4.    Once your eLearning module is complete and account configuration details from eHealth Ontario have been received by the ClinicalConnect Program Office, physicians will be notified by email with a decision about their application and instructions of how to access both ClinicalConnect (including provincial data repositories, if applicable), and the Access Governance System for staff account management

Training for ClinicalConnect itself, for physicians plus office staff, if applicable, is offered on an ongoing basis by your LHIN’s cSWO Program Change Management & Adoption Delivery Partner.

Physicians/Agreement Signatories should note the following minimum system/internet browser requirements when submitting the ClinicalConnect Participation Agreement (an online form): 

Microsoft Edge Latest Version
Internet Explorer (Windows only) 8.0 or above - Compatibility mode is supported only for 9.0 and above
Mozilla Firefox Latest Version
Google Chrome Latest Version
Apple Safari (Mac OS only) 6.2 or above

Minimum system requirements if completing Participation Agreement on mobile devices:

Apple iOS 7.0 or above
Android 4.0 or above