Change Identity/Account Provider

Historically Hamilton Health Sciences has provided, via Participant Organizations' Local Registration Authority, credentials to log into ClinicalConnect. In support of Ontario Health's Single Sign-On standard, Participant Organizations, including Sole Practitioners, can transition their existing ClinicalConnect account credentials to be able to log into the portal with ONE ID credentials provided to them by Ontario Health, so ONE ID becomes their Identity (Account) Provider. 

For existing approved ClinicalConnect Participants, including Sole Practitioner Participants, this represents a change to the information completed in Part 5: Identity Provider (iDP), in your ClinicalConnect Participation Agreement. As such, a formal request to change Identity Providers must be received by the ClinicalConnect Program Office. 

The benefit of transitioning to ONE ID is that with requisite agreements between your organization and Ontario Health in place, your ClinicalConnect users can be enabled to view data from provincial repositories that are integrated with ClinicalConnect, and they'd be accessing the portal with a username/password they use for other health information systems (Single Sign-On). For most Participant Organizations, completing the Request to Change Identity Provider form is the first step to being enabled with access to various repositories, and from there you will be contacted regarding any outstanding requirements to fully complete the Identity Provider transition process as described below.  

If you wish to change your Identity Provider to ONE ID, please complete the appropriate form below for Sole Practitioners or Participant Organizations. As a reminder, ONE ID credentials should already be provisioned for staff in your organization who have access to ClinicalConnect prior to submitting the Request to Change Identity Provider Form. If this is not complete, please email for further assistance.

Please also be aware that in addition to this Request Form, Ontario Health may have requirements your organization needs to fulfill which commonly includes completion of their Client Information Form (CIF). A representative of the ClinicalConnect Program Office will be in touch with your signing authority about this as well, to support completion of all elements. 

Sole Practitioners: Change Your Identity Provider to ONE ID

  • Request Form to Change ClinicalConnect Identity Provider - This fillable PDF is for Sole Practitioner (physician) Participants in ClinicalConnect who wish to change their iDP to ONE ID. Physicians must have a ONE ID credential in place before filling out this form; if you do not, please visit the The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) website to register for a ONE ID account (and at the same time, you'll be prompted to review and agree to the Ontario Health Physician Agreement, required to be able to view data from provincial data repositories using ClinicalConnect). 

    You can review the ONE ID CPSO Registration Guide on Ontario Health's website for more information about registering for a ONE ID credential and the Physician Agreement.

All Other Participant Organizations: Change Your Identity Provider to ONE ID

  • Request Form to Change ClinicalConnect Identity Provider - This fillable PDF is for Participant Organizations that wish to change their iDP to ONE ID. It must be completed by the Legal Signing Authority on file for the organization. Once submitted, the organization's ClinicalConnect Local Registration Authorities will be contacted with instructions to provide required information about each ClinicalConnect user whose login credentials are to be transitioned to their ONE ID credentials.