ConnectMyHealth Resources for Data Contributors

This page is intended for healthcare organizations in Ontario Health West Region to view read-only versions of documents related to their ConnectMyHealth data contribution via ClinicalConnect. 

1. The ConnectMyHealth User Agreement is available here:

2. The ConnectMyHealth Addendum to the ClinicalConnect Participation Agreement (Version 1.1) is available by clicking here

3. The ConnectMyHealth Support Services Reference Guide (Version 1.0) is available by clicking here

Log into ConnectMyHealth-related SharePoint sites:

Role Login Link Description:
ConnectMyHealth Privacy Contacts Log into Privacy Contact SharePoint The Privacy Contact SharePoint is a secure site available for appointed ConnectMyHealth Privacy Contacts.
ConnectMyHealth Information Security Contacts Log into Information Security Contact SharePoint The Information Security Contact SharePoint is a secure site available for appointed ConnectMyHealth Information Security Contacts.