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The Coordinated Care Plan List displays Coordinated Care Plans (CCP) developed by Home and Community Care for their clients if applicable. Click the Coordinated Care Plan List tab (if available) to access the Coordinated Care Plans List

 CCP data is currently only available from South West and Waterloo Wellington LHIN Home and Community Care Services and for clients that have a CCP available in acCDR. If there is no CCP information from home and community care providers, this tab will not display in the Home and Community Care module for the selected patient.


Viewing Coordinated Care Plan Details

Coordinated Care Plans are displayed in a sortable list. Click a line item in the list to see a detailed PDF view of the selected CPP.


The CCP consists of several patient-specific sections and can span across multiple pages of the PDF document. Sections can include My Identifiers; My Plan to achieve my goals; My Care Team; My Health Conditions; My Situation and Lifestyle; My Most Recent Hospital Visit and My Current Supports and Services

The following table provides a summary of a key feature of the Coordinated Care Plan List tab.


Feature Summary


The status will display as In Progress, Completed or Completed-Revised (as defined by Home and Community Care).


Coordinated Care Plan List Preferences

The Coordinated Care Plan List tab has its own set of preferences that can be accessed and configured by clicking the Preferences button Title: preference button in the header or by using the Preference Setup Wizard.

After updating your preference settings, click the Save & Apply button to save your changes.

To learn more about the various preference setting options, please visit the Common Preference Settings in ClinicalConnect section.