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Demographics contains available client information with the status indicators of Active, Inactive or On Hold.

Click the Demographics tab (if available) to access Home and Community Care demographic information.


The following table provides a summary of key features of the Demographics tab.

Feature Summary


Demographics tab contains client information that is available with the status indicators of Active, Inactive or On Hold.

  • Active - Client currently receiving Home and Community Care service
  • Inactive - Client had a Home and Community Care referral in the past but is currently not an active client.
  • On Hold - Client is on hold due to hospital admission, vacation, or other reason
Demographic Information List

A list of demographic results based on the Smart Filter and preference settings.


Demographics Preferences

The Demographics tab has its own set of preferences that can be accessed and configured by clicking the Preferences button Title: preference button in the header or by using the Preference Setup Wizard.

After updating your preference settings, click the Save & Apply button to save your changes.

To learn more about the various preference setting options, please visit the Common Preference Settings in ClinicalConnect section.