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Personal Contacts displays caregivers and other contacts associated with the client’s care. The information in this tab displays personal contacts that are designated as Active primary personal contact by the contributing Home and Community Care.

Click the Personal Contacts (Active) tab (if available) to access Personal Contacts information.

a note icon If there are no active personal contacts for the patient, the message Inactive contacts have been filtered is displayed.

Image of personal contacts list


The following table provides a summary of some of the key features of the Personal Contacts tab.

Feature Summary

Roles and Legal Contacts

The types of active roles, legal contacts, and relationship contacts may include: 


  • Caregiver – Formal
  • Caregiver – Informal                                            
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • Correspondent
  • Emergency Contact
  • Land Lord / Land Lady
  • ODSP Contact
  • Parole Officer
  • Superintendent
  • Teacher
  • Translator

Legal Roles

  • Lawyer
  • Legal Guardian
  • Other Legal Oversight
  • POA – Personal Care
  • POA –Personal Care (Jointly & Severally)
  • POA –Personal Care (Jointly)
  • POA – Finances & Property
  • POA – Finances & Property (Jointly & Severally)
  • POA – Finances & Property (Jointly)
  • Public Guardian Trustee – Finances
  • Public Guardian Trustee – Personal Care
  • Public Trustee
  • Substitute Decision Maker

Relationship Contacts 

  • Aunt
  • Brother
  • Brother in Law
  • Child
  • Cousin
  • Daughter
  • Daughter in Law
  • Father
  • Father in Law
  • Foster Parent
  • Friend
  • Grandchild
  • Grandparent
  • Mother
  • Mother in Law
  • Neighbour
  • Niece/Nephew
  • Other
  • Other Relative
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Sister
  • Sister in Law
  • Son
  • Son in Law
  • Spouse/Life Partner
  • Step Daughter
  • Step Parent
  • Step Son
  • Uncle

Consent to Share Personal Health Information (PHI)

Option include:

  • Share All PHI
  • Share Limited PHI
  • Share NO PHI


Personal Contacts Preferences

The Personal Contacts tab has its own set of preferences that can be accessed and configured by clicking the Preferences button preferences button in the header or by using the Preference Setup Wizard.

Image of Personal Contact list preferences


After updating your preference settings, click the Save & Apply button to save your changes.

To learn more about the various preference setting options, please visit the Common Preference Settings in ClinicalConnect section.