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The Census Module contains up to five census list tabs: 

To access your Census lists, click the Census link located at the top of the screen. 

Coloured flag indicators display in each census list (as well as beside the modules in a patient’s record) alerting you when new results exist for a patient. Hover your cursor over the indicator icon to display a tool tip listing the modules that have new results. Refer to the New Results section for details. 

Image of the colour flag indicators

Each census can be generated for a maximum of 14 days back. 

Image of the census view

The following table provides an overview of the key features of each Census view.

Tab Description


The Census tab is a combined census list that displays Inpatients, Outpatients, ED patients, and Discharged patients.  This census list includes patients that are on your Physician Census list and anyone that you have added to your Worklist.

Patients can be added or removed from this Census list by using the Add add patient icon and Remove Remove patient icon buttons. 

Group Inpatient

Group Inpatient census is used for physician groups and displays all inpatients associated with the group of physicians based on the physician’s CPSO number. These physician groups are defined within the source Health Information System (HIS) and are available for select source hospitals systems. This list is useful for physicians that are covering for a specific physician group within that source hospital system. If the user is not associated with Group Inpatients, this census list will not display.

User’s accounts that are configured to support multiple physicians (such as physician’s administrative support) will have an additional Physician field and will be able to filter this list by selecting the physician’s name, to see only the patient’s associated with the selected physician.

Physician groups are defined within the source HIS and may be available only for select source hospitals. This list is useful for physicians that are covering for a specific physician group within that source hospital system.


The Station census, or Unit/Ward census, displays all inpatients and outpatients associated with the selected location type and location. Not all facilities have Station census lists available. In these cases, use the Advanced Search function to find the patient in ClinicalConnect. 


Displays a list of patients that the user has manually added to their worklist.  A Worklist is useful if you want to create your own patient list. This eliminates the need to always search for a patient each time you want to access their record.

Click the Remove button remove patient icon to remove patients from your Worklist as needed.

a tip icon The Worklist census is limited to 75 patients.

Physician Census

Displays a list of all inpatients associated with the physician’s CPSO number. For non-physician users, this census will display the selected physician’s patients If the user is associated with multiple physicians, use the dropdown to select a different physicians and display a new patient list.


Click here to learn about Setting Your Default Census View