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You can change where the list view and details view of a module are displayed on your screen.

By default the module list view is shown on the top and the details are on the bottom. If you prefer viewing the details on the right side of the screen, click the Show the detail view to the right show the detail view to the right button button found on the module header. If you want to switch back to the default bottom view, click the Show the detail view at the bottom show the detail view at the bottom button button.

Detail View on the Bottom:

Image of the bottom view


a tip icon More columns in the list view are a displayed when the detail location is on the bottom. 

Detail View to the Right:

Image of the right view


a tip icon Different views display better in different modules. For example: the Labs module is easier to view with the detail view on the bottom, which makes it easier to view result details. You may prefer to view Transcription details with the detail view to the right which allows for quick scrolling through report types.

Both these settings can be configured in each module’s preferences:

1. Click the Preferences preference button button in the module header.

2. Use the Default Detail Location dropdown to select the view you prefer for that module.

Image of default detail location


3. Click the Save & Apply button Image of save and apply button.