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Video Tutorial

An easy way to make more room on your screen is to use the expand and collapse features on your user interface.

Image of the expand and collapse feature on the list of modules, side menu and patient demographic information

Patient Header a new feature icon

Clicking the expand/collapse button in the patient header allows you to show and hide the patient demographic information found in the header.

Image of the expanded and collapsed view of patient header

Collapse Menu 

The module navigation on the left side of your screen can be collapsed by clicking the Collapse Menu option. In the collapsed view you will no longer see the text associated with each item in the navigation. Instead you will be able to click the module icon to access the module. New results flags are still visible in the collapsed view. 

To restore the modules menu, click the expand menu icon. 

Image of the collapsed and expanded view of the modules menu

Clinical Modules

The entire Clinical Modules list can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the Clinical Modules menu header.

Image of the expanded and collapsed view of the clinical modules