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Clicking the Group Inpatient tab brings you to the Group Inpatient list. 

Patients are displayed in a sortable list. Clicking any of the column headings will re-sort the list in ascending or descending order (alphabetically or numerically).

a note iconPhysician groups are defined within the source Health Information System (HIS) and may be available only for select source hospitals. This list is useful for physicians that are covering for a specific physician group within that source hospital system.

The following table provides a summary of some of the key features of the Group Inpatient tab.

Image showing group inpatient list


Group Inpatient Tab Preferences

The Group Inpatient tab has it’s own set of preferences that can be accessed and configured by clicking the Preferences button preferences button in the module header. You can also change your Default Census View by selecting the options from the dropdown list.

Image showing the census module preference setting tab

After updating your preference settings, click the Save & Apply button to save your changes.

To learn more about the various preference setting options, please visit the Common Preference Settings in ClinicalConnect section.