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ClinicalConnect can be accessed from using a supported web browser, or launched directly from your Hospital Information System (in select hospitals).

Image of the ClinicalConnect login page

To log in to ClinicalConnect:

1. Enter your username in the Username field.

2. Enter your password in the Password field. 

3. Select the appropriate authentication type from the drop down box: 

  • Partners
  • HHSC

4. Click the Login button.

a tip icon For first time users, you must change your temporary password before logging into ClinicalConnect. To change your password click the link below the log in fields. 

Refer to the Self Service Password Manager documentation for additional information.


Image of the important ClinicalConnect messages window


ClinicalConnect related messages and information are posted in the Messages area below the Login. There may be multiple messages listed in the message centre. To view the details of a message, click on the message title. A popup is displayed showing the contents of the message. 

Click the Close button to close the message.



Logging Out 

You need to log out of ClinicalConnect after each session.

To log out out ClinicalConnect:

1. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen to open the user menu.

2. Click Logout.

Image of logout


Session Timeout 

By default your ClinicalConnect session will timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity. You will receive a pop up message before being automatically logged out:

Image of session out

Click the Logout button if you want to exit or click Cancel if you are still using ClinicalConnect.