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In ClinicalConnect, users have the ability to enable the New Result flags to appear in the Blood Bank, Cardiology, Lab, Micro, Radiology, Pathology and Transcriptions modules.  If enabled, these New Result flags will also appear as visual indicators in the census lists, alerting the user that new results exist for the patient’s selected encounter.

The New Results module aggregates the results and displays them all in one list for the selected patient encounter contributed from the source hospital system. Each of these new results can also be viewed in the associated clinical module. Enabling the New Result flags is a pre-requisite of setting up Subscription Notifications.

a note icon Results are determined to be “new” based on your individual Preference settings and are flagged as “new” up to a maximum of 72 hrs back from your current log in and for those results that you have not already viewed within your set parameters. These flags are associated with a patient’s Medical Record Number (MRN) or equivalent and will reflect “New Results” contributed from the source hospital system.

a note icon New Results functionality is not available in the following cases and will not generate New Result flags in the associated modules:

  • Transcribed reports from the Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR), HNHB Regional Cancer Program, St Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton in the Transcriptions module
  • Radiology reports from Diagnostic Imaging Common Services and St Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton in the Radiology module
  • Pathology reports from Hamilton Health Sciences and St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in the Pathology & Genetics module.
  • OLIS data in the Lab, Microbiology and Pathology & Genetics modules
  • The New Results indicator is not available in the Labs Component list and Labs Trended list views.

In these exceptions, users will not receive new result notifications if subscripted to the associated MRN.

For more details refer to the integration status chart located at 

New Results flags will appear in the census lists (if enabled).

Image showing new results flag

From the Census list, you can hover over the New Results indicators to see a tool tip that shows the name of the module and the number of new results that are in the patient’s record for that encounter.

New results are identified with colour coded visual indicators that display in various census lists, within the patient’s record in the Clinical Modules menu, and in the New Results module list view. These flags serve as quick alerts showing that new results exist for the selected patient encounter.

 The new result flags are colour coded as follows:

Image of the new results indicators




The indicators also have a number in each coloured indicator which tells you how many new results are available in each module for the selected patient encounter.

To access the New Results module, click the New Results option from the Clinical Modules menu.

Clicking a result from the list will display the result details. Once a result is viewed,  the new results flag is removed and is no longer considered a new result. The result will then no longer appear in the New Results module but can be accessed from the associated module.

New Results Module Preference Settings 

You can customize which modules you would like flagged for new results and the number of Hours Back for each module to display New Results. For new users the New Results module will be automatically set to default to 72 hours back for all available modules.  The results are considered new based on your New Results module preference settings.

To set the amount of time that determines if a result is flagged as new:

1.  Click the Preferences button in the New Results header.

Image of the preferences button in the new results header

2.  From the New Results Module Preferences window, select how many hours you want to go back for a result to be flagged as new. You can go back 24, 48, and 72 hours from the current date. 

mage of hours back option in preference settings

a tip icon If you select Disabled in a dropdown, the corresponding module will never flag a result as new and New Results badges will not appear. If you find that you’re not seeing new result flags for the patient’s record, make sure the Hours Back is not set to Disabled. You also have the option of customizing how the New Results display in the module by defining the Sort By and the Sort Direction.

3.  Click the Save & Apply button once you have selected the number of hours back for flagging new results.