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The print function is available in select ClinicalConnect module views. The Print button   is located in the list or details view header. In most cases, when the print icon is selected in ClinicalConnect, the information in that view displays in as a PDF document. Adobe Reader 10.1.4 or higher is recommended to view records presented as PDFs in ClinicalConnect. In some cases, report details display in their original format (Microsoft Word for example) instead of PDF format. This is described in more detail in the individual module sections of this document.

 If you download or print any personal health information (PHI) from ClinicalConnect you are responsible to protect the confidentiality of the record in accordance with your Privacy Policies and the requirements under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

To print module lists and results click the Print button  in the header of the list or detail window you want to print.


image showing where the print icon can be found

A PDF printable document will open in a new window. Use the print features on your computer’s browser or document viewer to print the document. The printing steps may vary depending on your computer and browser settings.

 Any reports generated in PDF format will display the ClinicalConnect watermark and identifies your name, the date, and time the document was generated in the footer.

The following example shows a document ready for printing in the current version of the Chrome browser. To being the printing process, click the Print icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Image showing the PDF view of the file to be printed