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The Provider of Record (POR) override screen prompt is displayed when you are not currently associated through ClinicalConnect as a provider of record for the patient and are providing health care to a patient or assisting in the provision of health care to a patient.

By proceeding, you are confirming that you need to access the personal health information as you are providing health care or assisting in the provision of health care to the patient. All instances of provider of record overrides are logged and monitored and you may be required to verify that your access to the personal health information was appropriate. Unauthorized access may result in disciplinary action that may include the disabling of your user account for the ClinicalConnect viewer, termination of your working relationship with one or more health information custodians, being reported to any regulated health professions college of which you are a member of, being reported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) and you may be subject to legal action or fines.

A note icon Healthcare Providers within the circle of care for a patient are not required to perform the override. All ClinicalConnect access is logged and monitored. Healthcare providers accessing ClinicalConnect are required to accept and comply with the ClinicalConnect User Agreement. Examples of Override Reasons are shown below.

To perform an override:

1. Select one of the following reasons for requesting an override:

1. I am a Physician/Nurse Practitioner providing care to this individual.

2. I am a Health Care Practitioner (non-Physician/non-Nurse Practitioner) or working in an Administrative role for assisting the provision of care to this individual.

3. I am a Coroner or an authorized individual acting under the authority of a Coroner for purposes in relation to an investigation conducted under the Coroners Act.

4. Other – I am accessing this record for a patient care need other than those listed above.

Image of provider of record override tab

2. Click the Perform Override button to open the patient's record.