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Please note: this content only pertains to organizations using Hamilton Health Sciences as their Identity/Account Provider for access to ClinicalConnect, and to those accessing ClinicalConnect's ancillary systems (roles including Legal Signing Authorities, Privacy Contacts, Privacy Auditors, Local Registration Authorities and Sole Practitioners). To manage passwords associated with ONE ID accounts, please click here.

The Self-Service Password Manager (SSPM) allows you to:

  • Change a supplied temporary password to one of your choice
  • Change an expired (but known) password
  • Change your current (known) password to a new one for any other reason

If you've 'enrolled' in Self-Service Password Manager, which requires you to set up security questions and answers, you can also use SSPM to:

  • Unlock your account (if it's become locked after five unsuccessful login attempts)
  • Reset your forgotten password yourself

All users of ClinicalConnect (when HHS is the organization's Identity/Account Provider), as well as those who have been granted access to ClinicalConnect's ancillary systems including the Access Governance System, Haystack iS audit & surveillance tool, the HITS Digital Health Learning Management System and/or role-specific SharePoint sites are strongly encouraged to enroll in Self-Service Password Manager to be able to best maintain their password for these systems. Information about how to enroll in SSPM is available here: How to enroll in SSPM | Video

The following resources are also available to help you with SSPM:

First Time Login - changing your supplied temporary password to one of your choice 

Changing My Password - changing your current or expired password to a new one by entering your username and current password in the "Sign In To Change Your Current or Expired Password" area of SSPM

Reset My Password - how to reset a forgotten password (only if you've previously set your security questions/enrolled in SSPM)

Unlock My Account - how to unlock your account (only if you've previously set your security questions/enrolled in SSPM)


ClinicalConnect Account Support:

If you’ve forgotten your password to access ClinicalConnect or are having trouble logging in, please refer to the Contact Information page for more information.