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The Simple Search is a broad patient search that includes data from all source systems contributing patient information into ClinicalConnect. The Simple Search field is conveniently located in the top banner.

A tip icon The most efficient search method is to use the patient’s Health Card Number (HCN) which will return an exact patient match for the patient you are looking for since the HCN is the patient’s unique identifier. For patients without an HCN, you can search by using their hospital Medical Record Number (MRN), Home and Community Care (HCC) Client Number or by the patient’s Name (Last name and at least one first letter of the first name).  For more search method details please refer to the Simple Search Options section below.

Simple Search Bar

Completing a Simple Search

To search for a patient record using Simple Search:

1. Enter the patient’s information in the Patient Search text box. 

2. Press Enter or click the search icon  to begin the search. 

Patient records matching the search criteria are displayed in the Search Results list.

a note icon Effective September 22 2019 -  Patients who have new registered hospital encounters from Grand River Hospital's (GRH) after September 22, will display in the search results as a separate line item showing the new Health Information System (HIS) "Source" as "WW HUB" as shown in the example below.  Previous encounters will display with the “source” of GRH.  Selecting either patient encounter from the Source of “GRH” or “WW HUB” will display the same patient record.

Simple Search Options

When searching for your patient’s records you can use any of the following simple search criteria:

Search Criteria Description

Health Card Number

A tip icon This is the fastest and most efficient search method.

A simple search may also be performed by using the patient’s Health Card Number (HCN). Do not include the version code.

Searching by HCN

The maximum character length is set at 10 for HCN searches. If the number length is exceeded in error, you will be prompted to correct your search and try again.

Medical Record Number

The patient’s Medical Record Number (MRN) from a hospital encounter can also be used in the Simple search. The maximum length for this type of search is 15 characters. If the number length is exceeded in error, you will be prompted to correct your search and try again.

Home and Community Care Client Number

If searching for a Home and Community Care client, the HCC client number can be used in the Simple Search.

Patient Name

The format used when searching by name is Last Name, First Name (example: Doe, John) separated by a comma, or a portion of the patient’s name (example: Doe, Jo). You can also use a portion of the patient’s name as long as you have a minimum of three characters in the last name and at least one character in the first name. A patient’s maiden name or other names are also considered in the search and may appear in the results if applicable.

Last name, first name search

Image of the full name search option in advanced search text box

           First name , last name search – to search for a patient using this format, separate the first and last name with a space

Image of the partial name search option typed in advanced search text box

Simple Search Preferences

Preferences are used to customize how you want to view information presented in your search results to suit your clinical viewing needs. Preferences need only be set once, and can be easily be updated anytime as your clinical needs change.

Simple Search results have their own set of preferences that can be accessed and configured by clicking the Preferences button Preferences button in the Search header or through your Global Preferences (under Search). 

Note: The Search Scope preference option will always default to "All Patients" and cannot be changed.

Image of where to find preference options

After updating your preference settings, click the button to save your changes.

The following table provides a summary of all available preference settings:

Preference Description

Sort By

Image of the sort by options for preference settings

Customize which column you would prefer your search results to be sorted by. 

Remember to also set the Sort Direction as shown below. 

Sort Direction

Image of the sort direction options for the preference settings

After setting the Sort By column, you can select to sort the data in Ascending or Descending order. 

a tip icon If the Sort By column selection is a date (numeric) field, selecting Descending order will display the most recent date at the top of the list. If the Sort By column selection is a character (A through Z) field such as the Full Name column, the Sort Direction will be in alphabetical order A to Z Ascending order, or Z to A in Descending order.

PDF Export Orientation

Image of the PDF export orientation options for the preference settings

Allows you to configure the PDF page orientation when exporting the list of data. Options include Portrait or Landscape orientation.