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image of the transcriptions module option in the clinical modules tabThe Transcriptions module displays transcription reports from multiple hospital source systems including information available from Ontario Health's Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR).

To access the Transcription module, select Transcription from the Clinical Modules menu.


New Result Indicators 

If New Results are available, this module will be flagged with an orange indicator as shown in the example.  (Refer to the New Results & Preferences page for more information). 

a note icon Reports from acCDR and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton will not currently generate a new results flag in the Transcription module.

Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR)

If information is available from Ontario Health Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR), which populates the patient’s Transcriptions and Home and Community Care modules, the modules will show the name of the contributing facilities and the Source column will show eHealth Ontario.  

a note icon This data can only be accessed from its supported module if your Participating Organization has signed the appropriate Ontario Health agreements.

Information from provincial repositories is not accessible if the Health Card Number is not available or is invalid. These encounter types cannot be selected from the Visits module and will not display in the Patient Visits Timeline.


Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR) Consent Directive 

A patient has the right to withdraw consent to the access and use of their full or partial records from acCDR through the current Ontario Health process. ClinicalConnect honours any partial or full consent restriction and will display the following message in the Transcription and Visits modules:


 There is a consent directive in place for the selected patient.

image of the consent directive in place

If access to a blocked record is required, you may contact Ontario Health Service Desk Support at 1-866-250-1554 or by email at

In cases where the report is from a source contributing system that has multiple facilities, the Facility column will display the name of the site.

image of the transcription module tab


To view acCDR reports, ensure the encounter filter is set to All Regional Encounters. acCDR report Status types include:

  • New - Preliminary report
  • Completed - Final report
  • Held - Corrected/updated report

Viewing Transcription Details

To view the report details, click on the transcription you want to view from the list. Depending on your preference settings, the Transcription Detail will display below the list of reports or to the right in a side-by-side view.

Image of transcription details

In some cases, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) clinic reports may be listed as a line item in the module, however if the visit is still in progress, no report will be available until the visit is complete.

Acute and Community Clinical Data Repository (acCDR) Supported Report Types:

acCDR Transcription reports may be available from the repository as Text, PDF, RTF or image formats (TIFF, PNG, JPEG). These report types will display in PDF format when launched from ClinicalConnect. All other report types (such as wav, mp3) are not supported and will display a message indicating that this document type is not supported as in the example below. 


Viewing Transcriptions in Original Format

Transcriptions from select source systems, when selected, may open in their original format such as PDF or Word, rather than in the details view.  These types of transcriptions will display the following message in the details screen: This document is only available in its original format.

To view the report, first, click the download icon  to download the transcription, then open the transcription which will display in its original format.  Once the download is complete, you can open the transcription in PDF or Word viewer of your choice.



Transcription Module Preferences

The Transcriptions module has preferences that can be customized based on how you prefer to see the information presented in the view. To customize your preferences, click the Preferences button  in the module header.

After updating your preference settings, click the Save & Apply button to save your changes.

To learn more about the various preference setting options, please visit the Common Preference Settings in ClinicalConnect section.