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You can use a single login if you’ve been authorized to access ClinicalConnect by multiple organizations and are considered to be an Agent of more than one healthcare organization. If you are authorized to access Personal Health Information (PHI) to provide care to patients on behalf of multiple organizations, you will be prompted after logging into the portal with the new Under Authority Of (UAO) Selector. This function also allows you to toggle between organizations once you’ve logged into ClinicalConnect without having to log out.

A note icon All accesses to ClinicalConnect is subject to audits that reflect which organization you are acting under authority of.


UAO Selector when Logging into ClinicalConnect

You are prompted with the UAO Selector if you are authorized to access ClinicalConnect under the authority of multiple organizations.

Select the organization and click Select.

Image of the UAO selector upon login to ClinicalConnect

Once logged into ClinicalConnect the name of the organization you selected is displayed below you name in the toolbar.

Image of the portal under which you are logged to ClinicalConnect displayed under your name


UAO Selector Once Logged into ClinicalConnect

If you are authorized to access PHI under the authority of multiple organizations, use the UAO Selector to change your organization without having to log out of ClinicalConnect.

To change your organization:

1. Click your name in in the toolbar to open the user menu.

2. Click Change Organization Affiliation.

Image showing the location of preferences under your name in the top right hand corner of the screen

3. From the Change Organization Affiliation window, use the UAO selector to select another organization and click the Select button.

Image showing affiliation options

The name of the organization you selected is updated in the toolbar below you name.

Image showing logged in as