Supporting Health Links

Patients with the greatest health care needs make up five percent of Ontario’s population but use services that account for approximately two-thirds of Ontario’s health care dollars. Improved coordination of care for these patients will result in better care and significant health system savings that can be devoted to other patients, ultimately improving the sustainability of public health care. To facilitate this coordination, Health Links are being established in Ontario. Health Links is a new model of care where all providers in a community, including family care providers, specialists, hospitals, long-term care, home care and other community supports, are charged with helping to improve patient transitions within the system and ensuring patients receive more responsive care that addresses their specific needs with the support of a tightly knit team of providers.

ClinicalConnect and the Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Business Intelligence Solution are supporting the rollout of Health Links by identifying for healthcare providers which patients are part of the high user cohort in each Health Link. In the patient header of the ClinicalConnect secure web portal, patients will be identified with an icon beside their name, creating an awareness for those in the circle of care of the patient.

The following Health Links have their own websites. More links will be added as they become available.