Contact Information

See the Quick Links page for access to ClinicalConnect, ancillary systems including the Access Governance System and Haystack, plus ClinicalConnect-related SharePoint sites.

New ClinicalConnect Account Requests: 

  • All organizations other than Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS): contact your organization’s ClinicalConnect Local Registration Authority. 
  • Hamilton Health Sciences' physicians or staff: email HHS’ Computer Access Management team at or call ext. 44201, or speak to your department manager who can request access for you. 
  • Non-physicians working for a Sole Practitioner (physician) Participant in ClinicalConnect: contact your physician (Sole Practitioner) who can create a ClinicalConnect account for you using the Access Governance System 

ClinicalConnect Account Support:

If you’ve forgotten your password to access ClinicalConnect or are having trouble logging in, please contact:

  • If you're using ONE ID credentials, please contact your organization's ONE ID LRA or Ontario Health's Service Desk.
  • If you're not using ONE ID credentials and work at an organization other than HHS: visit Self-Service Password Manager (SSPM) to manage your password profile or contact your organization’s Local Registration Authority (LRA) for assistance.
  • If you work at Hamilton Health Sciences: email the HITS Helpdesk at or call 905-521-2100 ext. 43000.

Access Governance System (AGS) Account Support:

If you’ve forgotten your password to log into the Access Governance System, please contact:

  • Sole Practitioner (Physician) Participants: call 905-577-8269 ext. 7 or email
  • Legal Signing Authorities, Privacy Contacts, and ClinicalConnect Local Registration Authorities (excluding from Sole Practitioners' offices): call 905-521-2100 ext. 46727 or email

Technical Support When Using ClinicalConnect:

Contact the HITS Helpdesk by email: or phone: (905) 521-2100 ext. 43000.

ClinicalConnect Privacy-Related Inquiries: 

Contact the ClinicalConnect Program Office by email: or phone: 905-577-8270 ext. 9.

ClinicalConnect General Inquiries:

Contact the ClinicalConnect Program Office by email: or phone: 905-577-8270 ext. 1.