February 06, 2018

Optimal Web Browsers for ClinicalConnect

In an effort to keep the ClinicalConnect community aware of work to improve your user experience, part of that work has revealed that Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, MacOS Safari or Mozilla Firefox will all yield better performance (i.e. speed) over any version of Internet Explorer (IE), and Google Chrome is currently recognized to yield the best performance.

The reason for this is that the Javascript Engine used by Chrome is 40% faster than the one used by IE, even at its most recent version 11. With respect to ClinicalConnect's performance when using Google Chrome, it's been proven that speed increases by between 30% and 70%.

The overall browser performance improves with every new version of Chrome (or alternate browser as listed above), while Microsoft is no longer further developing its IE11 and its performance is frozen at 2013 levels. Microsoft IE has been superseded by Edge.

We do recognize that certain healthcare organizations may be restricted to the use of IE. Work is ongoing to identify ways to improve the performance for users who are limited to using IE to access ClinicalConnect.