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 The new release of ClinicalConnect (version 5.2) was implemented on May 26, 2021. To learn about the enhancements, using Desktop or Mobile devices click here.

COVID-19 Information Available in ClinicalConnect

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Job Aids and Reference Guides

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What's New in 5.2?


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ClinicalConnect Mobile
Quick Tips

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Mobile Guide


How to Log into ClinicalConnect on Mobile Devices

Type in the internet browser on your mobile device. If you normally use ONE ID credentials to access ClinicalConnect, type instead. You don’t need to download an app to access ClinicalConnect on your mobile device, and you’ll have access to the same data as you would when using the portal on a desktop device.  

*Note that if you’re only able to access ClinicalConnect by launching it from your work’s health information system, you will not be able to access this web-based instance. 


Mobile eLearning Videos - Tap on the links below to watch the videos.

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Setting Preferences on Mobile Devices 

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Customizing Your Default Census List  

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Adding or Removing Patients from your Worklist

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Accessing the Patient Header Information