Community Support Services

ClinicalConnect at Niagara Region Public Health's Sexual Health Centre

Patients speaking to the benefits of ClinicalConnect

Patient medication follow up for public health

I was able to use ClinicalConnect easily to go and find patient medication information for my case followups without having to go through the hospital Infection Control Practitioner. This saved time for both of us.

- Jane Adams, RN, Wellington-Dufferin Guelph Public Health

ClinicalConnect allows public health to gather important information quickly

Public Health is notified of suspect and confirmed reportable diseases as required under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. ClinicalConnect allows public health to gather important lab information and clinical histories quickly. It eliminates the problem of trying to connect with busy infection control practitioners or finding someone to provide the needed information after hours, weekends, and holidays.

- Janice Walters, Manager, Infectious Diseases, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

A real game changer

I oversee a team of Community Paramedics that utilize ClinicalConnect daily, from their smart phone as well as from desktop devices. Having access to ClinicalConnect has enabled a much more efficient and effective approach to provisioning care for our over 2,400 clients. Our team can view details of their clients' medical history, including Home & Community Care Notes, which helps us clearly understand the client's historical record, system utilization, care plan, and who else is part of the client's care team. I'd say the single best thing about ClinicalConnect is how it integrates data from multiple sources into one viewer which as my team members say, is a real game changer... and from my perspective, worth the effort we put in to be able to use this clinical viewer. I look forward to seeing more data integrated with ClinicalConnect to help close the gaps that exist from otherwise disparate systems.

- Joe Pedulla, Superintendent, Community Paramedicine and Alternate Response Models, City of Hamilton Paramedic Service

Helping the COVID-19 response

In public health, we most often use our desktop computers to access ClinicalConnect to verify and obtain laboratory and hospitalization information, and the portal has been a tremendous help particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Having access to the portal has allowed our authorized staff to quickly obtain laboratory information that was either not faxed in a timely manner to us, or was unreadable/missing information. Being able to access this data 24/7 via the internet has been invaluable in making our COVID-19 response more effective, not to mention the time it’s saved us having to gather information that otherwise could have been hard to get. ClinicalConnect is easy to use and allows us to view our patients’ pertinent data in real-time – all in one spot. I’m also our organization’s Privacy Contact for ClinicalConnect, and I’ve been impressed by the auditing system and capabilities provided to Participant Organizations like ours by the ClinicalConnect Program Office. Using ClinicalConnect has definitely enhanced our existing case management processes, and has provided a more fulsome healthcare picture of our clients.

- Jennifer Heuft, Data Analyst and ClinicalConnect Privacy Contact & Local Registration Authority, Halton Region Public Health Department