LHIN Home & Community Care Services

HNHB CCAC Testimonial Featuring Nancy Dafoe, RN

ClinicalConnect provides a 360 degree view of a patient which improves care

The CCAC has over 30,000 patients on service every month. This is a lot of information to share across the LHIN. Physicians’ access to the data using ClinicalConnect opens that door. CCAC data combined with hospital data creates a 360 degree view of the patient”.

- Darlene Arseneau, Senior Director, Corporate Services, Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant CCAC

How the HNHB CCAC is benefitting from ClinicalConnect

"Our Client Services staff use ClinicalConnect not to replace documents or reports, but to augment the information we have about a patient. ClinicalConnect helps with the flow of patients through the system with as much information as possible, when we need it. It is an efficient tool and promotes autonomy for our users; they don’t have to make multiple phone calls to gather information that is usually needed that instant. Our Rapid Response Nurses and Nurse Practitioners can access clinical information right in the patient’s home and this capability is imperative to their decision-making when treating their patients. This is also true for our Partners, especially our Primary Care Providers, to have data elements from CHRIS at their fingertips and see the ‘CCAC’ journey of their patient which they can do by logging into ClinicalConnect. Overall ClinicalConnect promotes system flow, access to information and in the end, a better ability for CCACs to provide the care our patients require."

- Tania MacDonald, Client Services Manager, HNHB CCAC CHRIS LEAD