Long Term Care Homes

How a Long Term Care Home is benefitting with ClinicalConnect

"Since the team at St. Joseph’s Villa began using ClinicalConnect, we’ve definitely found it helpful in enhancing resident care. Specifically, we don’t have to spend time calling various healthcare providers within the hospitals to access the information we need as it is right at our fingertips. At times, we may have to send a report to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and we use ClinicalConnect to get information on a resident’s status faster than relying on regular hospital communications as we have done previously. ClinicalConnect has proven to be an efficient and easy system to use."

- Jennifer Banks, Director of Care and Chief Nursing Executive, St. Joseph’s Villa

Verifying and clarifying medical information

I love using ClinicalConnect to verify and clarify medical information. At times a resident will come in from the community and medical information needs to be clarified. Using ClinicalConnect allowed me to find appropriate documentation of a resident’s medical information, i.e. verify blood glucose for a diabetic diagnosis. We have used it several times for this reason.

- Fimke Van Muyen, Social Worker, Lanark Heights Long Term Care