Mental Health & Addiction

ClinicalConnect helps with patient transfers

We receive patient transfers to our program from hospitals across our LHIN and we can use ClinicalConnect to gather more details such as Labs, EKG etc. Transfer notes don’t include that level of detail. We can also access records from previous visits. The ClinicalConnect application is not difficult to use and very user-friendly.

- Elizabeth Chow-Tung, Clinical Pharmacist, Child & Youth Mental Health

ClinicalConnect helps Mental Health Workers better assist families in need

"The St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Child & Youth Team regularly provide service for children and youth and their families/caregivers who have mental health concerns and are in crisis in Hamilton. Before ClinicalConnect, when we receive a crisis call, we had no access to information about how a child may have been treated at local acute care facilities. We would have to call McMaster Children’s Hospital for instance and wait for call backs from clinicians and physicians in order to make a determination about how a crisis service would be provided to a particular family. Now, with ClinicalConnect, we have that information right at our finger tips – so we know exactly what happened to a child or youth at appointments at other facilities, or in an Emergency Room. ClinicalConnect has been extremely helpful to us in triaging crisis calls, allowing us to better assist families in need more quickly."

- Esther Bulk, Mental Health Worker, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, COAST Child & Youth Crisis Team

ClinicalConnect at Community Addiction and Mental Health Haldimand & Norfolk