Primary Care Providers

Patient care can be delivered close to home

If I have a patient in a motor vehicle accident in Niagara Falls, I can quickly access data and make a Virtual Visit.

- Dr. Ken Burgess, Family Physician

ClinicalConnect improving patient care and saving Family Physician time

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Download saves my staff’s valuable time; approximately 1.5 days per week. We already have fast, accurate access to results with the ClinicalConnect provider portal, but now labs and other reports are downloaded and integrated with my own office EMR chart.

- Dr. Barbara Teal, Family Physician

"Completing" the Patient's Medical Record

Clinical Connect is a useful tool that allows me to quickly access patient reports from anywhere. As a Family Physician, I am able to fill in the gaps when my patients have visited a hospital or been involved with CCAC but reports have not been sent to me. I can also print or save these reports to complete the patient’s medical record in my office.

- Dr. Kellie Scott, Elmwood FHO/Thames Valley FHT

Deeply Satisfied

Though I’m new to using Clinical Connect, I’ve already found it to be very helpful. This free service allows you to look up lab work as well as consultations, discharge summaries etc… from most hospitals in southwestern Ontario. For someone just setting up a new family practice it is quite convenient to be able to see the previous oncology notes, for example, for a patient I’ve just met. Having said that, I suspect that it could also prove to be quite useful for veteran family physicians with established practices in the event that someone is admitted or discharged from hospital. I see very few downsides to using ClinicalConnect. So far it has proven to be quite a useful and reliable service … and it hasn’t cost me anything!

- Dr. Marty Bezaire, Stoney Creek Family Medicine Clinic

Innovating and Inspiring

With [the EMR Download technologies], a far higher percentage of the documents that I need to review automatically “push” into my EMR. They arrive quickly, and reliably for the most part, making my life, and the lives of the office staff easier, and giving patients faster turnaround on getting test results. For the occasional report that is not pushed to me, my staff and I can access it quickly and reliably from the “pull” technology through Clinical Connect. This is much better than my previous EMR links, and there is potential for further improvement as more health care institutions get on board.

- Dr. Jason Bandey, Stratford FHT

Fascinating advancement in our medical system

​”I have noticed with the addition of Stratford General, I have been able to track my A1C results with 24 hours. This will be a great time saver for me, if I don’t have to make follow up telephone calls to patients after their clinic visits! I pull the info up during their visit and explain ClinicalConnect to them! They are quite fascinated at the advancement of our Medical system!

- Vicky LaForge, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management RN, Minto-Mapleton Family Health Team