Ways to Support ClinicalConnect Training at Your Organization 

Here are some ways you can support staff in learning how to use ClinicalConnect, the clinical viewer for south west Ontario. 

For any Participant Organization: 
1.    Leverage the ClinicalConnect Learning Pathway. This self-paced eLearning course is designed specifically for brand new ClinicalConnect users. It groups key ClinicalConnect video tutorials and documentation in a logical order to help new users understand how to make the most of all the key features of ClinicalConnect. Users are encouraged to progress through the course at their own pace, and can return to the course as many times as needed. 
2.    Explore ClinicalConnect’s Resource Centre and create a training package by picking and choosing the content that’s most relevant to your users, and circulate links to these resources according to your organization’s standard communication practices. 
3.    Email new users a welcome email that provides information about the basics of using ClinicalConnect. Click here for sample wording you could use in an email to your ClinicalConnect users. 
4.    Make sure your ClinicalConnect users are aware that within ClinicalConnect itself, PDF/video-based training resources can be accessed by clicking the “?" icon. 

Depending on the size of your organization, you may want to implement a Train-the-Trainer, or champion, model to help optimize staff’s use of ClinicalConnect. Your in-house ClinicalConnect Trainer, or champion, can leverage the training resources on the ClinicalConnect Resource Centre mentioned above to teach others about ClinicalConnect. To further support a training program within your organization, access to ClinicalConnect’s Training Environment can be requested. 

After you’ve considered the training resources already readily available to you and your ClinicalConnect users, if you require further assistance to incorporate the material into your existing training approaches and/or Learning Management System, or are formalizing in-house training for ClinicalConnect, please complete and submit this ClinicalConnect Training Support Inquiry Form by clicking here. A representative of the ClinicalConnect Program Office will follow up, depending on the training needs identified in the form.