Transition to ONE ID Credentials

ONE ID is eHealth Ontario’s digital identity and authentication system which allows health care professionals to securely access digital electronic health care services with a single user name and password. ClinicalConnect Participant Organizations, including Sole Practitioner Participants, can now transition their existing ClinicalConnect account credentials (usernames) to be able to log into the portal with their ONE ID credentials provided to them by eHealth Ontario. 

For existing approved ClinicalConnect Participants, including Sole Practitioner Participants, this represents a change to the information completed in Part 5: Identity Provider (iDP), in your ClinicalConnect Participation Agreement. As such, a formal request to change Identity Providers to ONE ID, from Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, must be received by the ClinicalConnect Program Office. 

If you wish to change your Identity Provider to ONE ID, please complete the appropriate form below for Sole Practitioners or Participant Organizations:


Sole Practitioners: Change Your Identity Provider to ONE ID


All Other Participant Organizations: Change Your Identity Provider to ONE ID 

ONE ID and CPSO Members

Physicians and surgeons looking for a fast and easy way to get secure access to provincial digital health services can now visit The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) website and register for a ONE ID account.