Viewing COVID-19 Vaccination Information

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Ontarians’ COVID-19 vaccination information is being made available through the DHDR for patients with a valid Ontario Health Card Number (HCN).

COVID vaccination information is viewable in ClinicalConnect to organizations authorized to view data from the DHDR and displays in the Pharmacy Module/Home Med Drugs tab as shown below. Refer to the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR): Guide for Clinical Use for details.

To access this data:

1. Select the Pharmacy module then select the Home Med Drugs tab.

The vaccination information includes first and second dose information if available.


 COVID-19 vaccination data fields will include specific information related to the administration of the vaccine to the patient and may not include data in select fields such as Therapeutic Class and Subclass.

The table below describes the data columns in more detail.

Data Field Description

Last Dispensed Date

Date that vaccine was administered.

Rx Count

Number of times that the vaccine was administered.

Generic Name

Generic name of vaccine administered.

Brand Name

Brand name or trade name of the vaccine administered.


Strength of vaccine administered.

Dosage Form

Dosage form of vaccine administered.


Quantity of vaccine administered.

Prescriber Name

Name of the health care practitioner who administered the vaccine

Prescriber Phone

Phone number of the health care practitioner who administered the vaccine. 

Prescriber ID

License/registration number of the health care practitioner who administered the vaccine. (e.g., physician or nurse practitioner).

Prescriber Reference ID

Identifies the registration authority (i.e. regulatory college) that issued the license/registration number to the health care practitioner who administered the vaccine.


The Drug Identification Number (DIN) of the vaccine.


If COVaxON information cannot be retrieved, an informational message will display as follows: “COVID-19 Immunization Information is not available at this time”.

This does not necessarily mean the patient has not received a vaccination. ClinicalConnect users should click the Refresh button in ClinicalConnect, or check back later, as this may result in the successful retrieval and display of the information.

If a patient has been administered a COVID-19 vaccine for a second time, the results will display together with a dropdown arrow. The most recent vaccination will display first.


 A patient’s record may have a consent directive applied in DHDR, the Home Med Drugs and Home Med Services tabs. In this case, the COVID-19 vaccination information will not display unless the access is unblocked by a physician.  Please refer to the section,  Viewing Home Meds or Services with a Consent Directive for additional details.


NOTE: At the time of COVID-19 vaccination, if a patient does not provide consent to share their information, it is not entered into COVaxON. In this case, a record of the vaccination is not available in COVaxON or the DHDR.

The custom DHDR reports will also contain any COVID-19 vaccination data which can be generated by clicking the Reports icon in the module banner.

DHDR Drug Summary Report with COVID-19 Vaccination Data


DHDR Drug Detail Report | COVID-19 Data