Local Registration Authorities

ClinicalConnect Local Registration Authorities are designated for each Participating Organization’s Agreement Signatory, and for Sole Practitioner Health Information Custodian Participants, the LRA role is assumed by the Sole Practitioner and the duties associated cannot be delegated. LRAs play a key role in provisioning initial access to ClinicalConnect and managing users’ accounts on an ongoing basis.


Summary of LRA Responsibilities

This summary applies to existing ClinicalConnect LRAs who continue to be governed by the January 2010 Data Sharing Agreement.


Summary for LRA Responsibilities for LRAs Appointed Under New Participation Agreement

This summary applies to new ClinicalConnect LRAs appointed under the new Participation Agreement that will become effective July 5, 2017.


LRA Secure SharePoint Login

This site is for LRAs who have been assigned access.


LRA Orientation Pathway

This document illustrates the orientation pathway for ClinicalConnect LRAs who hold these responsibilities for all Participating Organizations other than Sole Practitioner Health Information Custodian organizations.