About ClinicalConnect

What is ClinicalConnect?

ClinicalConnect is a secure, web-based portal that offers your healthcare providers the ability to view your real-time Personal Health Information electronically. Personal Health Information is contributed by healthcare organizations across South West Ontario, including acute care hospitals, Local Health Integration Networks’ Home & Community Care Services and Regional Cancer Programs, as well as from various provincial data repositories. Using ClinicalConnect, healthcare providers can be authorized to access their patient's Personal Health Information, enabling them to make the best medical decisions regarding your health, helping to ensure the delivery of quality care.


To see a list of healthcare organizations that contribute and/or can view Personal Health Information in ClinicalConnect, please see the Participant Organizations list.

What information is available in ClinicalConnect?

With ClinicalConnect, healthcare providers can view much of your electronic medical information including your:

  • Allergies
  • Medications while in hospital, plus medication information from provincial repositories/assets
  • Past lab tests
  • Transcribed medical reports (including discharge plans and specialist evaluations)
  • Radiology images (x-rays, CT scans, MRI results)
  • Pathology results (biopsy results)
  • Microbiology results (C. diff, MRSA)

To see a complete summary of the types of data that is available in ClinicalConnect, please see the Data Integration Chart.