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Alexandria Moss speaks to benefits of ClinicalConnect

ClinicalConnect at Niagara Health featuring Dr. Mark Jany

ClinicalConnect at Niagara Health featuring Dr. Rafi Setrak

ClinicalConnect helps Trauma Programs run more efficiently

ClinicalConnect plays a huge role in running the Trauma Program efficiently. We had a trauma patient admitted who needed to go to the operating room for surgery the next morning. The anesthesiologist asked us to clear her C-Spine before getting to the OR. We were able to do this quickly by logging into ClinicalConnect, obtaining her dictated scan results and clearing her C-Spine. Without ClinicalConnect, this process could have taken much longer and potentially caused delays in the start of her much needed surgery.

- Pam Foster, Case Manager, Hamilton Health Sciences Trauma Program

ClinicalConnect reduces repeat lab or diagnostic tests

ClinicalConnect is a godsend. In the past we had essentially no access to patient info from other hospitals so it often took many days after admission to get a complete picture of the patient’s past history. This often resulted in repeat tests, miscommunication, and delayed care. Now, with the click of a mouse I can be instantly looking at consult notes, discharge summaries, radiology reports and lab data from previous hospital visits all across the LHINs. Remarkable…

- Dr. Rob Lloyd, Pediatric Intensivist, Hamilton Health Sciences

ClinicalConnect facilitates rapid consultation

A patient was admitted to a peripheral hospital. A consultant physician at St. Joseph’s Healthcare who had seen the patient was called by the referring physician to discuss how long blood thinning therapy should be continued because the patient had presented with a bleed behind her eye resulting in reduced vision. As this is a very unusual complication, I accessed the patient’s CT scan from the peripheral hospital and identified that in fact, a bleed had not occurred. The referring physician was able to contact the internist in the peripheral hospital, explain that their CT scan did not show a bleed and recommended that the patient continue on their anticoagulant therapy. More appropriate therapy to treat the inflammatory reaction that caused the patient’s presentation with eye swelling and reduced vision was prescribed. As a result of the ability to access the patient’s record through Clinical Connect, it is probable that the patient received more appropriate care and, importantly, had her blood thinning therapy continued thus reducing her risk of suffering an avoidable blood clot. When seen in clinic at St. Joseph’s Healthcare several weeks later, the patient had improved vision as a result of treatment for the inflammatory reaction and remained on her blood thinning therapy.

- Dr. Mark Crowther, Haematologist and Chief and Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine – HRLMP

Don’t miss your opportunity for improved treatment and discharge planning

ClinicalConnect helps to determine collateral clinical information for patients with acquired brain injury. This provides a better context for treatment and discharge planning.

- Mari O’Brien MSW., RSW, Clinical Social Worker, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System

ClinicalConnect delivers more complete patient care information

I check medical records and visits that I wouldn’t have access to in a timely fashion. Patients often arrive in the ED from other sites with incomplete or incorrect information. ClinicalConnect helps to correct this issue.

- Raj Vadera MD, CCFP (EM) EMD, Deputy Chief of ED, Assistant Professor Emergency Medicine, McMaster University

ClinicalConnect improves communication and saves clinician time

Using ClinicalConnect opens the door to one-stop access to patient information. This not only assists in better communication related to accurate patient information but it also saves the clinician time as it can be accessed from one source. For Health Professionals, ClinicalConnect provides seamless access to the patient health record.

- Renata Vaughan RRT, Senior Registered Respiratory Therapist

ClinicalConnect is a valuable clinical tool

ClinicalConnect has been improved significantly in the latest release. It is markedly faster and provides lab, pharmacy, and transcription data for admissions at multiple sites. It really is becoming an extremely valuable clinical tool and I look forward to further developments in future releases.

- Dr. Hugh D. Fuller, MB, MSc, FRCPC, FACP, FRCP Lond, Vice-President, Medical and Academic Affairs, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System

ClinicalConnect improves quality of patient care

As an orthopedic surgeon at Hamilton Health Sciences I incorporate ClinicalConnect into my daily practice. The ease and efficiency to retrieve patient information in real-time from all hospitals in my referral base of the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Integration Network (HNHB LHIN) ensures that I have the most up to date and accurate patient information such as Labs, Diagnostic Imaging reports and Transcriptions for my patients. This allows me to make the best clinical decisions regarding my patients improving both patient safety and the quality of patient care.

- Dr. Ivan Wong MD FRCS(C), Dip. Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Sports and Trauma Surgery

ClinicalConnect makes transferring patients seamless

It certainly makes the process of transferring patients more seamless in terms of having quick and reliable access to the patient’s health information. When Niagara patients are repatriated to us from Hamilton for their rehab, we can quickly access their records.

- Dr. Jack Luce, Chief of Staff for Hotel Dieu Shaver

ClinicalConnect benefits patients, doctors and hospital staff

I find ClinicalConnect easy to navigate, organize and search my patients according to my needs. It provides a single portal for all information systems. The idea of real-time access and transfer of patient data to and from our referring centers is exciting. Hope we get e-care electronic documentation system on ClinicalConnect.

- Dr. Sandesh Shivananda, Neonatologist, McMaster University Childrens Hospital

ClinicalConnect speeding and enhancing cancer patient care

A 64 year old gentleman was recently brought to the ER at our hospital because of fever and increasing confusion. The family was unable to stay around because of other urgent family matters. The patient was assessed by the ER doctor and an excellent consultant. The patient himself gave no history of cancer or any other active illness. In fact, he had recently had a craniotomy at a different hospital to remove a cerebellar tumour and had just had radiation to metastases in his spine. His primary diagnosis was lung cancer. Unfortunately, none of this was reflected on any test or consultation done at our hospital so it was not on the EMR. The patient was sent home, because the consultant felt he was an otherwise healthy man with a fever of unknown origin. He felt it would be reasonable to observe him at home. When the patient returned to hospital and was readmitted a few days later, I was able to access his entire medical history through ClinicalConnect. That enabled me to better understand his condition and formulate a treatment plan, since I knew that his underlying diagnosis was lung cancer with metastases. It also put the whole family at ease, because when I met them I already knew the whole history of his illness. Interestingly, this is exactly what most families expect and rightfully so. I have to say that ClinicalConnect has already helped me in numerous situations by providing me with key pieces of medical information that strongly impacted on a patient’s care, diagnosis and ultimate outcome. All the while it also gives satisfaction to the family as well as to me, the provider. Let’s keep strengthening this tool!

- Dr. Frank Fornasier, MD, CCFP, Hospitalist, Joseph Brant Hospital

Pathologist refers to ClinicalConnect as ‘indispensable’

ClinicalConnect has become indispensable in getting all relevant information on the many referred-in pathology cases I receive (over 1,200 in 2013). I can’t imagine the pile of paper faxes that would have been needed, not to mention the hassle and delay in getting them. I now encourage the providers sending me the cases to use ClinicalConnect to view the reports online and keep information turnaround time to a minimum, which also reduces the demands on our limited number of clerical staff.

- Dr. Jean-Claude Cutz, Pathologist, Anatomical Pathology, Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program

Dr. Walker explains how ClinicalConnect helps manage hematology patients

Dr. Irwin Walker is Chief of Hematology at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) and recently caught up with staff from the HNHB eHealth Office at HHS, cSWO Delivery Partner for the HNHB LHIN, to share examples of how he and his colleagues are able to better manage hematology patients using ClinicalConnect.

Dr. Walker’s first example relates to accessing radiology reports and images. Now that physicians can obtain radiology reports and an ever-growing number of diagnostic images right from ClinicalConnect and in real-time, Dr. Walker and his colleagues are now more comfortable arranging diagnostic imaging, particularly CT imaging, at hospitals that are convenient for their patients versus asking them to travel to HHS. Previously, if Dr. Walker had a patient’s imaging done at another hospital, it may have been convenient for the patient, but he’d usually be left waiting longer to get patient’s results. So ClinicalConnect is a win-win for everyone in a case like this – patients don’t necessarily have to travel as far, and physicians get results in real-time. Dr. Walker went on to point out that being able to refer patients to their local hospitals for testing, knowing the results will still come back in real-time, better enables HHS’ Diagnostic Imaging Department to focus on performing tests and procedures that must be done at HHS.

A second example relates to Dr. Walker’s ability to access historical data for his patients in ClinicalConnect – data that is critical for hematological assessments. Dr. Walker said he “recently was referred a patient with neutropenia and using ClinicalConnect, was able to quickly obtain their white blood cell count and compare the values over time, which is critical to effectively manage this condition.” This type of health information was available to Dr. Walker thanks to last year’s integration of data from the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS).

In addition to these examples, Dr. Walker is seeing that ClinicalConnect really is becoming part of physicians and clinicians’ routines throughout South West Ontario. He’s seen first-hand that before calling the Juravinski Cancer Centre, clinicians are checking ClinicalConnect for information on a patient they’re treating so when they do call, often from the ER in the middle of the night, they’re usually already well-versed with the patients’ previous treatments and therefore use time spent on the phone more efficiently. They don’t have to ask all the background questions because they know the answers from what they’ve obtained in ClinicalConnect.

Finally, Dr. Walker has seen that even colleagues with varying comfort levels with technology have without exception taken to using ClinicalConnect, and find it as intuitive and indispensable as he does. Furthermore, he says residents rotating through Hematology are very comfortable with ClinicalConnect and along with HHS’ hospital information system, use it as their go-to place for clinical information for patients in their care.

Our conversation with Dr. Walker ended with him stating that “ClinicalConnect is a hugely valuable complement to Hamilton Health Sciences’ information technology resources.” Hard to beat that!

Welch Family Testimonial Discussing ClinicalConnect

Informing preparation and follow-up for bariatric surgery

“Access to ClinicalConnect and the DHDR allows us to shorten wait times and get accurate information sooner, including patients’ medical history and medications, as well as any prior procedures they may need for their surgical consult.”

- Laurie Inkol, Resource Nurse, GGH Bariatric Surgery Clinic

Supporting Speech-Language Pathologists in ensuring safe swallowing for their patients

“ClinicalConnect is an important tool in my ability to provide high-quality care to the people I serve.  As a community hospital, we often have patients who are repatriated from larger centres, or who come to us for specialized care from smaller hospitals in the surrounding area. Access to imaging and dictations from other institutions has improved my ability to provide effective, efficient and safe care. I look forward to ClinicalConnect being expanded to allow for even better access to electronic health information from across the healthcare continuum.”

- Heather Hosten, Speech Language Pathologist, Brantford Community Healthcare System

An all-in-one resource for hospital-based NP

“I think it saves me a whole lot of time, which then allows me to provide more timely care to the patients. And, I think it allows us to provide more well-rounded care. For example, if we know about a heart attack or something in their past, then maybe that changes what medication we pick, or it makes us think of a contraindication that maybe we wouldn’t have known about beforehand.  So, I think it helps reduce their risk by us having a better health history.”

- Marie Greer-King, Nurse Practitioner, Alexandra Marine & General Hospital

Supporting interfacility transport of neonates in improving time to treatment

“When the doctor calls to request a transport, he/she often doesn’t have all the results or may have the results but doesn’t know when the tests were done. By accessing ClinicalConnect, we can get this information while en route, enabling us to focus on stabilizing the patient and preparing our plan of care to ready them for transport upon our arrival.”

- Laurie T., Registered Nurse, McMaster Children’s Hospital Neonatal Transport Team

The EHR helps ward clerks ensure continuity of care during the referral process

“If I’m looking in ClinicalConnect and I see that it’s been two weeks since they’ve been referred to the Hand and Upper Limb Clinic at St. Joe’s, and I know that they’re usually seen very quickly there, that makes me call the patient or call the clinic and say, ‘Did you get this?’ Sometimes they say ‘Oh, that referral never got to me.’ It says it’s faxed, it said it went through, but a lot of time –somehow, some way, it doesn’t get there. So, then you can say, ‘I’m going to fax it right away, can you watch for it?’ And then they book the patient right away. It’s really taking care of the patient in a much quicker manner than before, I think. So, I think that’s very beneficial.”

–Tammy, Ward Clerk, AMGH

Enabling timely and streamlined intake for urgent neurosurgery referrals

“ClinicalConnect enables me to gain real-time data for patients requiring urgent neurosurgical services. When our neurosurgeons require me to follow up with patients in the community, I can easily access all relevant clinical information. The information obtained from ClinicalConnect directs our decision making and we can work with our community partners to obtain the best care in a timely manner. ClinicalConnect provides data about the patient that is significant and comprehensive. Without this valuable resource, my work would be much more difficult and less efficient.”

- Sue DiSabatino, CNS, 6 West Spine Unit

Integrating ClinicalConnect & eVisit to provide patient-centred, comprehensive follow-up care

“These two technologies, ClinicalConnect and eVisit, are a natural fit and complement each other well. The video conferencing is very useful for follow-ups and access to the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) via ClinicalConnect is indispensable for the 50 percent of my patients who come from outside of London. Having the ability to access ClinicalConnect while on a videoconference with patients is very beneficial.”

- Dr. Richard Inculet, Thoracic Surgeon, London Health Sciences Centre

Ensuring patient safety and saving time in pre-transfusion investigations

“All MLTs in Transfusion Medicine should have access to ClinicalConnect – it streamlines the process whenever a comprehensive patient transfusion history/record is required. It’s almost like the patient’s entire chart follows them.”

- Lynda Gaskin, Senior Technologist, Lab Transfusion, Joseph Brant Hospital

ClinicalConnect as an essential link in regional pathology partnerships

"ClinicalConnect can be extremely useful to get that clinic note, or that operative note, or the imaging, to put all the pieces together. We would probably not be able to give a complete diagnosis if we couldn’t get that information. We might have to phone up the clinician or might have to give a report that left more things in the air.”

– Dr. Matt Cecchini, Pathology Resident, LHSC

Enabling improved radiation therapy management

“I use ClinicalConnect pretty much in every clinic. It is critical. It makes a huge difference to the care that we can provide. Otherwise, we are chasing reports that can be hard to get, or even worse, we can be completely unaware of an important test that another doctor has done.”

- Dr. David Palma, Radiation Oncologist, London Regional Cancer Program at London Health Sciences Centre

Improving access to microbiology results for rural hospitals

“The inpatient nurses are using it [ClinicalConnect] routinely to look up MRSA/VRE results because our microbiology is sent out to Stratford, the results get faxed from Stratford to our lab and then when time allows they will enter the result into our electronic health record system. This can potentially take an additional day before our nursing staff see the results. With ClinicalConnect, they are able to see the result as soon as Stratford has resulted it; therefore, reducing the length of time the patient is potentially in isolation - so better patient experience, decrease cost as less PPE being used and quicker turn around on results.”

- Christine Reyes, Professional Practice and Clinical Informatics Coordinator, Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance

ClinicalConnect is improving the referral to consult process in cancer care

“ClinicalConnect is incredibly valuable for imaging and notes in real-time to enable to make a plan more quickly. The timeliness of information is the increased value. The right information at the right time improves the patient experience.”

- Saskia MacMillan, Manager, GBHS Cancer Centre

Improving health care for people with mental illness in the Emergency Department

“ClinicalConnect is a valuable tool in the ED when provisioning care for adult patients with co-morbidities who are suffering from the exacerbation of a medical condition and seemingly present with symptoms of a mental illness. The tool gives me a good ‘snapshot’ of the patient’s previous encounters and allows me to discover if the patient has had recent visits or investigations or procedures related to a medical issue so I can start to focus and direct my decision making allowing for the mitigation of adverse events that may be related to recent surgery, heart and thyroid conditions. Being better informed allows me to explain to the patient the rationale for their disposition in the ED reassuring them that they are receiving the right care. Patients and family members are relieved of the task of having to provide a medical history that they may not be aware of or have to repeatedly communicate to clinicians.”  

- Claudia Ross, Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Emergency Services, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Reducing unnecessary patient transfers and improving continuity of care

“Being able to review results in “real time” and from “remote” sources greatly facilitates patient care and reduces resource utilization. It would be difficult to go back to the “pre-ClinicalConnect” era.”

- Dr. Mark Crowther, Chair, Department of Medicine, McMaster University

Enabling admission avoidance and reduced length of stay for geriatric patients

“ClinicalConnect is a resource tool that enables me to access critical information linking a patient’s past history to the present. As a result, health care professionals are better able to understand the complexities surrounding each patient. This facilitates better care coordination across the healthcare continuum. ClinicalConnect allows hospitals to link with existing community resources including Health Links, and the Local Health Integration Network (LIHN). Reducing patient length of stay and ensuring safer discharges contributes to overall patient safety and satisfaction.”

- Nancy Tukonic, Medical Nurse Associate, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre

Providing comprehensive care, education, and self-empowerment

“Prior to ClinicalConnect, I had to rely on the patient remembering their last HbA1c (3 month average of blood glucose). Occasionally, a recent HbA1c might be listed in the Physician admission history. With ClinicalConnect, I have access to lab values, trends and notes from practitioners to better track the patient’s pattern of blood glucose results. I can confirm which practitioner the patient is seeing and view notes from external sources that were never available before. Having access to these results and notes helps to reduce the amount of time asking the patient repetitive questions and direct the consult to the problem areas of management. I believe it also builds a better nurse-patient relationship because the patient can see you’ve taken the time to get to know their history. I use ClinicalConnect daily to prepare for the consult.”  

- Lisa Maks, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist, Juravinski Hospital and St. Peter’s Hospital

Improving the patient experience

“A lot of our patients come from out of town, and in the past, if a test was required, we requested that it be completed onsite so that we could ensure that we receive the results in a timely manner. Now that we have access to all of the results on ClinicalConnect, we tell them to go to a location closer to home. This saves the patient and their caregiver time, and reduces the stress of having to travel to the hospital for a single simple test.”

- Melissa Heather, patient registration, DI, BCHS

Improving the Heart Investigation Unit intake and triage process

“ClinicalConnect has proven to be an essential resource for the Integrated Heart Investigation Units with sites located at the Hamilton General and St. Catharine’s Hospitals. Monthly, our office receives upwards of 700 patient referrals. This is a combination of outpatients and inpatients. Depending on clinical presentation and past medical history, inpatients require their angiograms 24-72 hours from presentation to hospital. Due to demand, inpatients must be triaged and booked in a timely fashion based on clinical acuity. Prior to ClinicalConnect, the triaging of these patients was laborious as each individual unit needed to be consulted by phone to obtain the vital patient clinical information required. With the introduction of ClinicalConnect, up-to-date, accurate, and complete patient data can be obtained independently. The rapid availability of this data ensures that the residents of LHIN 4 are receiving efficient and timely access to care”.

- Evelyn Priddle, Nurse, Cardiac and Vascular Program, HGH

Supporting drug therapy monitoring and medication review

“ClinicalConnect has helped me tremendously in preparing for the clinic day. Accessing the laboratory data and trending the data helps me in monitoring drug therapy. Previous consult notes from other facilities have been helpful in understanding drug therapy changes. The availability of the pharmacy home meds module, specifically the 7 years of data available, helps me understand past medication history and medications that have been tried.”

- Alice Poulose, Pharmacist, GIMRAC Clinic, McMaster University Medical Centre

Reducing unnecessary preoperative tests for day surgery patients

“Using ClinicalConnect has streamlined patient data collection. Utilizing this data collection process has enabled nursing, physician and pharmacy team members of the Perioperative program to gain quicker access in a more efficient way. By collecting lab results via ClinicalConnect, we have lessened patient risk associated with venipuncture and diagnostic procedures. We are optimizing patient care and surgical readiness by involving our patients in their history taking and care planning utilizing data shared on ClinicalConnect. We have also promoted using resources wisely throughout the organization related to process changes while using ClinicalConnect.”

- Jessie Maltby, Perioperative Clinical Resource Nurse, BCHS

Enabling timely and effective post-stroke patient care and support

“Patients and families sometimes forget who they saw and what tests they had. ClinicalConnect gives me access to critical patient information, such as consultation notes from other neurologists and neurosurgeons, internists, and cardiologists, and the results of investigations like MRI/CT scans and Echocardiograms done in Windsor and London. This prevents duplications of tests. Having access to this information provides me with a more complete patient picture and supports better and immediate clinical decision-making. As a result, patient care is greatly improved.”

- Dr. Hiren Desai, Neurologist

Early Supported Discharge for Stroke Rehabilitation

“ClinicalConnect has greatly improved our prioritization of urgent referrals as well as clinic follow-up appointments. Due to limited appointments, it is crucial that we schedule efficiently. ClinicalConnect enables this by allowing viewing of test results of our follow-up patients and to book accordingly. This assists us in blocking appointments for urgent patients. With such a variety of medical institutions in our catchment area, it is helpful to have all the patients’ tests and history in one centralized area.” ClinicalConnect is useful for following our patients after their treatment in a tertiary center. This can aid the facilitation of repatriation and enables our clinicians a view of the patient’s treatment care and follow-up needs in our clinics or inpatient rehabilitation.”

- Linda Butler, District Stroke Coordinator, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Enabling enhanced clinical workflow and decision-making in geriatric rehab

“ClinicalConnect is a valuable tool -it helps us provide more accurate, thorough, and cost-effective care through better medication and labwork review and generally through rapid sharing of information across multiple sites.”

- Dr. Harmandeep Virk, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

Enabling timely and effective care for OB/GYN patients

“ClinicalConnect is a valuable tool - it helps us provide more accurate, thorough, and cost-effective care through better medication and labwork review and generally through rapid sharing of information across multiple sites.”

- Dr. Harmandeep Virk, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

Enabling timely, efficient, and cost-effective pathology services

“ClinicalConnect is my primary source for patient health information. Laboratory results, reports, and clinical notes from CKHA and outside sites that I may otherwise have limited or delayed access to are compiled in one place. The availability of the information has allowed me to provide better and faster guidance to clinical colleagues, in our collective efforts to provide care for patients.”

- Dr. Jason Back, CKHA Pathologist

Improving patient flow & care in emergency departments

“ClinicalConnect is an important tool in the ED when dealing with our most complex and vulnerable patients. It allows us to fill gaps within a patient’s medical history by accessing consult and investigation reports from neighbouring communities. Within minutes, we can individualize the care-plan for patients, improving patient safety and resource utilization. In addition, I find patients and families comment on an improved ED experience because of their personalized care.”

- Dr. Lindsey Sutherland, ED Physician, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Enhanced care management for urology patients

“Integration of clinical information is fundamental in modern medicine. It is of extreme importance to be able to integrate all pertinent information from different consultants and institutions in order to be safe and efficient, avoid testing duplication and expedite care. This is of utmost relevance in a regional setting.”

- Dr. Alvaro Ramirez, Urologist, Bluewater Health & Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Enhanced assessments and care coordination for frail seniors in the ED

“ClinicalConnect has made a difference in the research I do before seeing a patient. It allows me to look into any services they may have with the CCAC, notes, and if they are on a LTC list. This is valuable information, especially the notes from case managers because they are in the home and have spoken with families. ClinicalConnect provides access to information that gives me a more complete picture of what is happening with my patients in the community and is very important in creating a care-plan for them. Thank you so much for ClinicalConnect!”

- Heather Ryan-Moxley, GEM Nurse

Supporting care coordination for oncology clients who receive services out of region

“I am the manager for the Cambridge community team. Speaking on behalf of the community care coordinators I know they are finding it extremely useful to look up consultation notes from different hospitals. As Cambridge borders the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN, many of our clients access services in Hamilton or Brantford. It is extremely useful to have access to medical information from outside our LHIN to understand the whole picture of what is happening with our clients.”

- Danaka White, Manager, WWLHIN-HCC

Access to breast cancer oncology reports facilitates faster decision-making and decreases time to OR

“The ability to access ClinicalConnect has simplified my role and improved patient experience. Patients have often been surprised when we say, ‘we don't have that report.’They think that the system is connected. ClinicalConnect provides that connection and access to a complete patient record for accurate and timely management of their illness.”

- Gail Bridgwater (RN), North Wellington Health Alliance

Improving management of infectious disease in hospitals

“ClinicalConnect ensures that I have access to the pieces required to help my patients in a timely and accurate fashion.”

- Dr. William Ciccotelli, MD, FRCPC, Infectious Diseases/Medical Microbiology, Grand River Hospital and St. Mary's General Hospital, Kitchener

Improving secondary stroke preventative care

“ClinicalConnect has improved the internal workflow of the secondary stroke prevention clinic and has influenced the way that we are provisioning care for patients. ClinicalConnect has allowed the staff in the clinic to process referrals rapidly in order to deliver best practice care.”

- Amanda Plozzer, Clinical Manager, Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic, Grand River Hospital

Improving hospital readmission outcomes with better post-discharge visits

“I am able to use ClinicalConnect to learn about the patient’s hospital stay prior to their visit with the physician, which allows much more effective use of time during the visit. You couldn’t do this before because you didn’t get reports in time.”

- Bridget Braceland, Pharmacist, New Vision Family Health Team

Improving care in emergency departments for patients with complex conditions

“ClinicalConnect did improve my clinical understanding of my patients and helped make better decisions. The patients appreciated that I was "looking at their files for their health care provided outside the hospital.”

- Dr. Ian Digby, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Guelph General Hospital

Cornerstone for referral processing

As Team Lead for HNHB Central Clinical Intake for the Regional Geriatric Program (Central), I use ClinicalConnect almost every day, and know our team accesses it for almost every referral that we manage through our department. ClinicalConnect has become a cornerstone in how we process referrals, and I say with confidence that our team could not function as efficiently as we do without the use of the portal. We use it to assist with triaging and reviewing the urgency for patients being referred for geriatric services, to aggregate the necessary clinical data we need as part of our intake and assessment of these referrals, and then incorporate additional clinically-relevant data into our own Central Intake Assessment. Together, this allows our team to be much more focused on timely care for our clients, by directing referrals appropriately but also by supporting Behaviour Supports Ontario (BSO) and Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) in the region to work more effectively overall. To my colleagues I’d say that ClinicalConnect is very user friendly, the ClinicalConnect Program Office has been extremely helpful, and overall it’s a critical tool to make healthcare delivery to patients more effective!

- Susan Lamont-Thompson, Clinical Intake Team Lead, Regional Geriatric Program (Central) – operating out of Hamilton Health Sciences

Invaluable when assessing difficult cases.

“As a Pathologist working in Bluewater Health's laboratory, when reviewing microscope slides, I use ClinicalConnect to access my patients' pathology reports and other relevant health records generated by hospitals in the region to determine if the disease process I am examining is the same, a new disease or cancer. Having access to these records from sites outside my own is invaluable when assessing difficult cases, especially when the patient is being treated elsewhere, or may have had surgery performed at other institutions.

ClinicalConnect makes it very easy to rapidly obtain information needed to make correct diagnoses, instead of having to contact physicians and/or hospitals, wasting both their time and my own. Similarly, our hospital's staff who are authorized to access ClinicalConnect are able to perform their jobs more efficiently, which in turn helps me in my provision of care to our patients. Overall, using ClinicalConnect helps ensure resources are used more wisely, since it reduces unnecessary repeating of tests.

ClinicalConnect is an excellent system with very helpful support staff; I cannot imagine working without it now.”

- Dr. Rosemary Lubynski, Pathologist & Associate Laboratory Director at Bluewater Health