Sole Practitioners

This page provides key information for Sole Practitioners (physicians) approved to access ClinicalConnect as a Health Information Custodian (HIC) unto themselves.


Sole Practitioner SharePoint Site

This site contains resources designed specifically for Sole Practitioners, and can be accessed using the same username/password combination used to log into the Access Governance System to manage your staff’s ClinicalConnect accounts. The SharePoint site also contains a calendar of webinar dates if Sole Practitioners wish to ask specific questions about their participation in ClinicalConnect.

Primary Point of Contact

The Access Support Assistant at the ClinicalConnect Program Office is the first point of contact for Sole Practitioners requiring assistance as it relates to their participation in ClinicalConnect.
Phone: 905-577-8269 ext. 7

Privacy-Related Matters

The eHealth Privacy Specialist at the ClinicalConnect Program Office is available to assist with respect to any privacy-related matters. 
Phone: 905-577-8270 ext. 9
Fax: 905-577-8260

ONE ID Account Support

Contact eHealth Ontario’s Service Desk for support with respect to ONE ID credentials, or visit eHealth Ontario’s ONE ID information website:
Phone: 1-866-250-1554

ClinicalConnect Portal/Access Governance System Enhancement Requests

Request enhancements to ClinicalConnect or AGS by visiting for instructions to do so.

ClinicalConnect Support Services Reference Guide

Review information about how the ClinicalConnect portal is operated, including support services, by visiting