Multi-Factor Authentication for Supporting Systems

Multi-Factor Authentication for Supporting Systems Now In Effect

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), also known as two-step authentication, is now required to access various online systems that support the operation of ClinicalConnect including:
1.    The Access Governance System (AGS)
2.    Haystack iS Auditing & Surveillance System
3.    ClinicalConnect-Related SharePoint Sites

If you’re not sure if you registered a mobile device for MFA to access the systems above: please check for an authenticator app on your mobile device (likely Google Authenticator), or you may have chosen to register on your computer using a Google Chrome “Extension” (see puzzle piece in top right corner of Google Chrome internet browser). If registered, either the app, or the Extension, will provide a six-digit code that changes at regular intervals; this is the number you should type into the “Passcode” field (and do not include spaces) when logging into the supporting systems listed above.

If you did register a device, and need to change or register a new device for MFA, please log into to do so. Note: you will not be able to access this site unless you already have a "Passcode", because you previously registered at least one device for MFA. You cannot use this site to register a device for the very first time. 

If you determine you did not register a mobile device for MFA and can no longer access the systems above (and need to), please write to the ClinicalConnect Program Office at for further instructions, from the email address associated with your account/username normally used to access the system(s) above. Inquiries from other email addresses will not be accepted/processed.