Email Template to New ClinicalConnect Users

The following email template can be used as an introduction to ClinicalConnect for new users, followed by additional training if and as required.

Suggested Subject Line: Getting Started with ClinicalConnect: South West Ontario’s Clinical Viewer

You are being provisioned with access to ClinicalConnect, a secure, web-based portal that will provide you with real-time access to our organization’s patients’ electronic medical information from all acute care hospitals, Local Health Integration Networks’ Home & Community Care Services and Regional Cancer Programs in South West Ontario, plus various provincial data repositories. ClinicalConnect is a fundamental tool in bridging the gap between disparate information systems spanning a wide geographical area and multiple regional healthcare facilities. 

Please familiarize yourself with the portal by visiting the supplied links to ClinicalConnect’s information website. This website is the ‘go-to’ place for the latest updates about ClinicalConnect and training resources: This site has a wide variety of training resources in both PDF & video format that we encourage all ClinicalConnect users to refer to. While on the information website, you can sign up to receive a monthly eUpdate about ClinicalConnect to stay current on its latest features, functionality and data availability. Note that you’ll also start receiving emails from the “HITS Helpdesk” (at Hamilton Health Sciences) that provides important updates about the portal. 

The ClinicalConnect Learning Pathway is a self-paced eLearning course built specifically for brand new ClinicalConnect users. It groups key ClinicalConnect video tutorials and documentation in a logical order to help you understand how to use all the key features of ClinicalConnect. Users are encouraged to progress through the course at their own pace and can return to the course as many times as needed. 

Here is some key information about getting started using ClinicalConnect:
1.    How to Log into ClinicalConnect: explains how to log into ClinicalConnect.
2.    Setting User Preferences: explains how to set your preferences to optimize performance of the portal according to your workflow and clinical data needs.
3.    Searching for Your Patient’s Data: there are two ways to search for your patients’ health records: Simple Search, or Advanced Search
4.    Navigating a Patient’s Record: explains how to navigate the patient’s record once you’ve searched for them using Health Card Number (HCN), Last Name/First Name, or MRN (note: searching by HCN is the most efficient way to look up your patient). 
5.    Understanding How to Use Each Clinical Module in ClinicalConnect: this page provides instructions on how to optimize your use of ClinicalConnect, including an overview of the clinical modules available in ClinicalConnect. 
6.    ClinicalConnect System Notices: this menu option in ClinicalConnect is helpful to know of upcoming and unplanned data outages.

For those who use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets in their work, this webpage explains how to use the mobile-friendly version of ClinicalConnect (because it does ‘look’ different than the desktop version).